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The crew has arrived in Madison Indiana. Let’s all get ready for a safe and exciting weekend of unlimited hydroplane racing!

July 6- The team is settled in to Madison and Jean Theoret ran right around a 154mph average in his two Friday test sessions. The team is leaving the pits as of the time of this post (it’s about 6pm PDT) and they are feeling good about initial testing. Scott and the team will be back tomorrow morning and Theoret will prepare to qualify for the running of the Governor’s Cup on Sunday.

July 7th- As of the time of this post (11:40am PDT) the Ohio River is closed in Madison. Madison is situated near the Kentucky boarder and the Ohio gets debris from the Kentucky when there are big rains in the area. So this is what we’re experiencing today. We can’t go racing until the debris clears. Check out the Madison Regatta page for streaming video and sound. We’ll keep you posted here as we hear new developments.

(1:30pm)- WORX in Madison is reporting lots of debris still on the river. A decision will be made in the next hour. Right now it is not looking good for any boats getting on the course, from what we’re hearing.

(1:40pm PDT)- Racing has been called off for the day in Madison. We appreciate all of those who came out today and we wish the boats could have run. But, we think the ABRA did the right thing in the name of safety and we look forward to a full day of racing on Sunday.

(8pm PDT)- We have the heat draws for Sunday. U37′s draws are as follows:

1B at 11:10am EDT- U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, U13 Spirit of Detroit, U100
2B TBA- U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, U13 Spirit of Detroit, U16 Miss ELam
3C TBA- U37 Miss Beacon Plumbing, U3 Miss Chrysler Jeep, U100

July 8th- Steve David started the day with a solid win in 1A. David looked as though he was going to jump the gun but as it turned out, he hit it perfect to defeat the U5, the U1 and the U16.
1B – Jean Theoret nailed the start again this week in heat 1B and led the race wire to wire. Theoret beat Greg Hopp by almost a half a lap, although Hopp didn’t need to run that hard because J Michael Kelly had jumped the gun and had to do an extra lap. Great start to the day for Theoret and the crew.

2B- Theoret appeared to nail the start but found out during the second lap that he had jumped the gun which gave the U16 the 400 point victory. Up until the news was handed down Theoret was pulling the U16. From a fan perspective, it was unfortunate news because we were seeing some great boat racing. The unofficial word is that Theoret jumped by 1/100 of a second.

3C- All 3 boats nailed the start but J Michael Kelly seemed to be dead on in lane 3. Theoret caught up in the first turn and exited the turn as if he were on rails. Coming out of turn 1 Theoret took the lead and slowly increased it to win BIG in 3C. It’s off to the final set for 1:30pm PDT.

Final- As expected, the fight for lanes, was a good one. Steve David again had a great start to jump out to an early lead but lost the lead to the U16 and couldn’t catch up. Jean Theoret was in the battle for lanes but fell back inside of the 30 second mark. Apparently as he was setting up in lane 3 on the back stretch, he got really wet and the engine was not responding well. He kept it going as they went through turn two and he got wet again. By the time the water settled he was too far back with an engine that was wet so he had to settle for a 4th place finish.

WORX did a great job covering the weekend on radio and the Jackson brothers who were providing streaming video feeds with race coverage, interviews, comentary and event announcements did a great job as well. Combined, the two kept the west coast well informed. Hopefully we’ll see this coverage next week.

We’re packing up and headed for Detroit to try to defend our Gold Cup. Thanks once again to the fans in Madison. It was unfortunate we couldn’t run on Saturday but at least on Sunday we had a good safe day of racing. We’ll see you next year.