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Peters & May

Schumacher Racing/Miss Peters & May Have “Get it Done” Attitude

Effort Demonstrates Perfect Sponsor-Race Team Pairing

Split-second timing, quick decision making, strong relationships and a team that identifies resources, pulls together, and does “whatever it takes” to get the job done are important ingredients in both racing and in business.  Recently, with international shipping company, Peters & May USA and the Schumacher Racing U-37 Hydroplane team, these components demonstrated how a race team can reflect the philosophy and responsibility of its sponsor.

Miss Peters & May

Miss Peters & May

This year, Peters & May USA assumed title sponsorship of the Schumacher Racing U-37 Hydroplane for the 2010 race season. At the July Gold Cup race in Detroit, Peters & May USA Managing Director David Holley watched in horror along with team owners Bill & Jane Schumacher as their driver J.W. Myers put the U-37 into a seawall at more than 100 mph (avoiding the rest of the race field and crowded pit area).  He suffered multiple fractures to his foot and shredded the forward sponsons all the way back to the cockpit.

“What happened after was so analogous to what we do in our business, I was stunned!” said Holley.  The Schumachers were able to capitalize on their reputation, relationships, experience and team to find solutions; in this case, a boat, a driver and getting everything race-ready in one week.”

After it was clear that Myers was not seriously injured, though “out of commission” for a time, Schumacher Racing was faced with a decision; and a split one at that, with Bill thinking the season was over, and Jane eager to find a way to keep racing. The team was solidly in Jane’s corner, and she used her sponsor’s influence to seal the deal. “Peters & May is a dynamic company with its heart in our race program. Dave Holley understands the business of boat racing,” she said, “He is an active and involved sponsor and expressed a desire to go forward.”

Holley marveled at how the relationships Schumacher Racing fostered over the years came to the fore. “Both Greg O’Farrell and Fred Leland — competitive team owners mind you – approached the Miss Peters & May crew with offers to lease us a hull.  Those offers, according to Jane Schumacher, were extended based as much on the team’s reputation as on the relationships. “These very generous offers were predicated on our reputation. Both Fred and Greg understood that our crew — led by Scott Raney — is so good they needn’t worry about having their equipment wrecked. In fact, the crew would likely make it better,” Schumacher said.

In the same way Peters & May uses its worldwide network of offices and affiliates to solve marine shipping logistics, the Schumacher Racing crew tapped long-time collaborators West Coast Collision Center and Prism Graphic to outfit, rig, paint and brand the “new” U-37, having it race-ready in time for the Tri-Cities race in Kennewick, WA July 23-25. Schumacher Racing also worked with team owner/driver Ken Muscatel to secure the services of veteran driver Jon Zimmerman for the remainder of the season.

Jon Zimmerman(l) & Scott Raney(r) accept the "Light it Up" award

Jon Zimmerman(l) & Scott Raney(r) accept the "Light it Up" award

The team was recognized for its efforts by Stream Light Flashlights with its “Light It Up” award that goes to the individual or team whose efforts result in a race’s “brightest moment.”

“It was inspiring to be a part of this herculean effort,” said Holley “Our race team responded in exactly the way our Peters & May team responds on a daily basis. We use our experience, relationships and expertise to deliver solutions to our customers. Fortunately, we do it without a horrific crash as the catalyst!”

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Posted: August 23, 2010 at 9:38 pm