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Peters & May RacingIn a sport where getting there first is paramount, Peters & May USA, a leading global boat shipping company, is focused on first, getting them there. What started as a sponsorship moving unlimited hydroplanes to international races has led to several new sponsorships with racers in several different series. Racing has gotten into the company’s blood, so a new Peters & May Racing logo was developed to unite the racing teams under its umbrella of sponsorships.

While one of its more high-profile clients, The Qatar Marine Sports Federation (QMSF) readies for its 2010 World Championship Oryx Cup, Peters & May USA is proud to announce that the QMSF has chosen the company to be its Official Logistics Provider. For the second consecutive year Peters & May is responsible for shipping the entire H1 fleet to the Capital city of Doha. Last year, Peters & May USA transported the Qatar Team’s two Super Cat race boats to Key West for the US SBI World Championship races and is always on call to handle the organization’s shipments whether it is its race boats, support vehicles or racing spares. “We rely on Peters & May to ensure the safe and timely delivery of all of our boats and equipment,” states Sheikh Hassan, who has participated in and won a number of races in the US with international British racer Steve Curtis.

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Other race teams are benefitting from Peters & May USA’s enthusiasm for the sport. The Peters & May-sponsored H1 U-37 Schumacher Racing team, and it’s H1 Unlimited series sponsorship, has led to new relationships and expanded old ones, as driver JW Myers – injured after crashing earlier this year in the original U-37 Miss Peters & May – has inked a deal to compete in his first UIM US Title Series race under the Peters & May banner. Several other H1 Unlimited drivers will also fly their Peters & May chartreuse-colored boats across the waters of other classes. Continue Reading…

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by HydroDan’s Deck2Deck Racing Inc.
Oct 15 2010 04:12 PM UTC

Dave Holley with Billy & Jane Schumacher

Dave Holley with Billy & Jane Schumacher

D2D: Please share with us some of you background, such as where you were born and raised, etc.
DH: I was born in Chertsey, UK and moved the Dubai when I was 3 years old. Spent the next 14 years moving between the UK and Dubai for school. Finally settled back into Dubai in 1994 for work. I grew up around the guys at Victory Team and Al Shaali Marine and that was my first bite of power boat racing. Moved to Chicago in 2007.

D2D: What is your title and responsibility with Peters and May?
DH: Managing Director / President – responsible for managing the two U.S. offices and developing business in the USA, Canada, Central and South America.

D2D: How did you and Peters and May became involved in the sport?
DH: We have been working with Sheikh Hassan and the QMSF for some time now and when the Doha race was first arranged he asked us to meet Sam Cole to discuss the shipping. We attended the Evansville race and immediately became hooked on the sport.

D2D: How did the U-37 sponsorship come about?
DH: We were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor the U-37 for the first Oryx cup. During the event we were able to get to know the team and see their potential and desire to win. At the same time we saw great potential in the sport, despite some people’s views; this sport is progressing and reaching new audiences. As a sponsor it is certainly a different, but effective way, to get your name out there!
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JW Myers, Lake Alfred Worlds, Lake Alfred, FL 21-24 October, 2010  © F.Peirce Williams 2010

JW Myers, Lake Alfred Worlds, Lake Alfred, FL 21-24 October, 2010 © F.Peirce Williams 2010

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The Peters & May Racing stable...

The Peters & May Racing stable...

U-37 driver JW Myers will be racing in the O-350 class at the UIM Outboard World Championships this weekend at Lake Alfred, FL. Myers will be sponsored by Peters & May USA and will be facing the top American drivers in the 100 mph 350cc class as well as racers from Austria, Germany, England, China and Italy. Dave Holley of Peters & May USA will be in attendance as well.

Follow JDub’s results here on and at More information can be found at

Ready for time trials...

Ready for time trials...

Dave Holley (c) and JW Myers (r) with Chinese member of UIM

Dave Holley (c) and JW Myers (r) with Chinese member of UIM (note the cool BSR/PMR shirts!)

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Scott Raney explains some of what it takes to get a 3,000 horsepower, 200 mph race boat ready to race…

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The sport of boat racing entered into the advanced stages when Billy Schumacher of Seattle, Washington drove a perfect one heat – ten lap race at Miami Marine Stadium to win the Bill Muncey Wide World Marine Invitational, earn the World Champion crown and take home the first place purse of $10,000.00. A first for the United States, the match race could very well have set a brand new pattern for closed course racing.

Second place was captured by Geoff Briggs of New York, who finished seconds behind the winner and pocketed $3,000.00 for his troubles.Geoff was running neck-to-neck with Barry Woods of Vancouver,Washington when, on the ninth lap (of the 10 lap Final) Barry snagged a buoy with his right sponson.Barry finished the race wearing the buoy as a Crown of Defeat, and defeat it was as officials penalised Barry one lap causing him to finish dead last in the race.

The first foreign driver to enter the winner’s circle was Roger Jenkins of Wales, United Kingdom who took third place and a cheque for $2,500.00

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Thanksgiving Weekend 1972. The Outboard World Championship on Lake Havasu, Arizona. At stake,$65.000.00 overall, this was the richest Boat Race in the world. 108 entries from the US, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, & Argentina competed that weekend. 6 boats flipped on Friday practice, so 102 boats answered the starting gun that Saturday morning in November.

# 35 Barry Woods- went out to an early lead in the 1st hour. # 12 Billy Schumacher, a 2 time Unlimited Hydroplane Gold Cup Champion, in his 1st outboard race was in 2nd place. After 2 hours of racing, OMC was 1-2-3-4 with Bobby Witt-Tommy Posse-James Beard- & Johnnie Sanders in 4th.

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The Air Guard Championship presented by Degree Men will air this Saturday, October 16th at 11:00 AM. On Comcast Cable in the Seattle/Tacoma area, Versus is located on channel 34 (Standard definition) and channel 626 (High Definition). According to Versus’ schedule listings, it will be called “Ultimate Hydroplane Championship” or “H1 Unlimited Hydroplane National Championship”, so search accordingly. We understand there will be a spotlight segment on the U-37 as well.
McGilvras Irish Pub
From Jane Schumacher: “We will be getting together this Saturday at McGilvra’s Bar and Grill for viewing the race and all are invited to watch it with us. McGilvra’s address is 4243 E Madison in the heart of Madison Park (end of Madison Street across from Lake Washington)”

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JDub testing on a rainy Saturday at Lake Tapps

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Images by Walt Ottenad

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